Why I Started Writing This Blog

I had never thought that keeping an online journal that was available to the world would be something that I would do.  A couple of friends were doing it and I was supportive of their efforts at expression, but it wasn’t something that interested me.

Then I turned 30.  I started to look around at the world that I was inhabiting and was scared for our collective future.  With 24 hour news cycling, social media, overexposure and mega-hype the world had become a noisy and scary place and I didn’t know what to believe any more.  Not only that, it seemed that I couldn’t find anyone who was saying things that I felt were important.  Talk about a lonely and very scary feeling.

As a result, I’ve decided to start this blog.  Partially to get things off my chest and have my voice heard, partly to find others in the world that feel as I do and potentially to comfort those out there like me who are waking up, looking around, and seeking a voice above the ruckus.  That we are not alone.

Or it could be I want to just rant and get things off my chest, like most bloggers!



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